Pool Rules and Regulations

Dress Code

Of course, if you are not going to be swimming, shorts and shirts are acceptable. If however, you choose to swim, proper swimming attire must be worn.

No cut offs, blue jeans, tennis attire, biker shorts or thongs will be allowed.
All children not toilet trained must wear “swim diapers”.
Please take your children on bathroom breaks often and change their diapers in the bathroom and not at poolside.
Please take note: An outdoor pool is at the mercy of Mother Nature. The pool will always close if there is threatening weather in the area and on the days that the forecasters are predicting a washout. If the weather is questionable feel free to contact us at (614) 794-6962.

How to Check In

Upon arrival: Please come to the Cabana where you will need to sign in.

Guest Fees

Your guests are always welcome at The Medallion Club Pool

The fee for a guest is $8.00 during the week and $9.00 on the weekends and holidays, this can be member charged or paid in cash.
The guest fee for grandchildren of members are discounted to $4.00 during the week and $4.50 on the weekends and holidays.
As always, children under three are free!
A member must accompany all guests unless prior arrangements have been made with the Pool Manager.

Pool Rules

The pool rules are posted on the pool deck, so that you may see them and review them with your children before your first visit. The pool rules are as follows:

No running.
No diving anywhere from the pool deck.
No horseplay.
No glass on the pool deck.
Children under 4 years and younger can use floatation devices, only if the parent is in the water with them.
Guards may determine when and which floatation devices may be used by children 4 and older.
The Medallion Club’s kickboards are to be used only for adult lap swimming and classes.
No chewing gum while swimming.
Please do not swim with diarrhea or open sores.
No climbing on the guard chairs.
No talking to the lifeguards, unless asking for help.
No hanging on the lane lines or lifelines.
Lap lanes are for lap swimming and class use only.
No hard balls, such as tennis balls are allowed in the pool. Only nerf-type balls are allowed.
Only personal walkmans or I pods will be allowed.
The baby pool is for use of children 4 years and younger, only must be company of an adult.
Please “NO SMOKING” in the pool area.
No cell phones in the locker room
Anyone caught jumping the fence or gate ill be asked to leave and lose pool privileges.
All pool activities are under video surveillance and recorded 24 hours a day.
No fool or beverage is to be brought into the gated Pool area. Please dispose of all trash.
To ensure that everyone can be provided a towel please return used towels to the cabana!
No bikes or skateboards in the pool area
No pets in pool or pool area
No profanity or profane music

Disciplinary Procedures

If your child needs to be disciplined at the pool, we use the following warning system:

1st time: The lifeguard will be specific about what the child is doing wrong and verbally warn the child.
2nd time: The children must get out of the pool for 5 minutes and quietly sit next to the lifeguard.
3rd time: The child will be asked to leave the pool for the day and the child can not return to the pool unless the parent is with him or her, or the Manager has told the staff that the situation has been cleared.

The pool manager and the lifeguards have full authority to maintain proper conduct at the pool to insure the greatest pleasure and enjoyment for all concerned and to establish such rules as may be needed. If the lifeguard deems an activity to be dangerous they can stop it at their discretion at any time.

Rest Period

To give adults a quiet time in the pool and children a bathroom break, there will be a rest period called 15 minutes before each hour.

Minors 17 years and younger must leave the pool for these 15 minutes.
Only children 4 years and younger, whose parents are with them in the water, will be allowed to stay in the main pool. (Please one child per adult).
Children 5 years and older will not be allowed in the baby pool during the rest period.

Please remember that your child is your responsibility.

The Medallion Pool staff is present to ensure the safety of all of our members and their guests. However, an adult or responsible guardian (nanny, babysitter - 12 or older, etc.) must accompany children under the age of 9. Children 9 and older may stay at the pool without an adult or responsible guardian if he/she can pass a swim test. This consists of swimming two lengths of the pool and being able to tread water for 30 seconds.