Know how to use the handicap system - Post all scores no matter where you play!!!

This includes scores you made in both match play and stroke play, including those you made in team competitions. Remember, for away scores, you will need the Course handicap rating and The Course Slope rating of the course played for posting. Also, record your score as soon as possible so that your scoring record is up to date for the next revision.

Post your score when you play at least 13 holes. On holes you didn’t play, record a par plus any handicap strokes you would have received. Post all nine hole scores no matter what tees you play. The computer will take care of combining the nines. Once combined, the score will have a “C” after it.

Know your Handicap Index
It’s the number you get in the form of a whole number and a decimal fraction ( ex. 11.6). Your index isn’t your handicap; it simply leads you to your handicap based on the course and set of tees you will play.

Convert your index to your handicap
Use the handicap Table that is posted at every golf course. The Handicap Table is the key. Without it, you can’t use your index. Locate your index for the slope of the tees you will be playing and get you handicap for the day (ex. 11.6 converts to handicap 14 on tees with slope 132). At The Medallion Club you can get your handicap for any tee from the handicap computer.

Adjust your score properly before posting
There is a maximum number that you can post on any hole depending on your handicap. This downward adjustment of an individual hole score for handicap purposes is based on the following table:

Handicap: Maximum number on any hole:
9 or less Double Bogey
10 - 19 7
20 - 29 8
30 - 39 9
40 or higher 10

What qualifies as a Tournament?
Tournament score identification is for competitions that are significant in the traditions and membership of the club. Examples of tournament scores are team matches (ex. Member- Member), Member- Guest competitions, stroke and match play club championships, and city, state and national competitions. Note: Weekly play days are not to be designated as tournament scores.

What is the purpose of Reducing Handicap Indexes based on Tournament scores?
To identify Players who consistently excel in competition well beyond their current USGA Handicap Index and to lower their Handicap Index to better reflect their potential scoring ability. Less than onehalf of one per cent of golfers are affected by this procedure.

How Does The Procedure Work?
When a player has returned two or more tournament scores within the last twelve months; or within the player’s current 20 score history that are exceptionally(3 or more strokes) lower than his or her USGA Handicap Index, the player will be subject to an automatic reduction of his or her USGA Handicap Index.

On Tournament Days there will be an announcement as a reminder to post the score with a “T” designation. The Handicap Committee will review all postings for these designated tournaments. The Handicap Committee will randomly review Twilight and Dogfight scores. The Competitor is responsible to properly enter Dogfight and Twilight scores. The Tournament Committee will review Dogfight Scores.