Group Classes

The Medallion Club Group Fitness Department offers a wide variety of classes to meet your fitness needs all taught by Nationally Certified Group Fitness Instructors. Come join us with a class that fits your style and get started on a path to a healthy lifestyle. Packages for classes are available, for more information, please contact the Medallion Fitness Desk or call Pete Ulliman at 614-794-6999 x335 or email

Current Group Fitness Class Schedule

Class Descriptions

  • Spinning: This 45 minute high intensity high interval spinning class will not only help you to burn tons of calories but reach your fitness goals as well. You will be taken through an intense ride of sprints, hills, jumps and intervals. This exercise combined with great up beat music will definitely give you a great workout.
  • Pilates Fusion: Physical conditioning improving posture, alignment , breathing, and muscle control. Targeting your body core strength , using Pilates rings and flex balls. Be ready to feel energized & powerful.
  • Body Works & Core Pilates: Resistance training with weights to super sculpt your body head to toe. Adding the challenge of Pilates , engaging your core muscles . Great way to mix up your workout.
  • BodyXtreme Bootcamp: You NEVER know what to expect in this 1-hour class! Battling ropes, HIIT (high intensity interval training), circuits, and weight training are just a few examples of what may be introduced on any given Saturday. What can you expect? A different class format each week; equipment and routine variety; huge calorie burn, and strength training hitting all major muscle groups. This class is for all fitness levels.
  • Golf Fit Monday: Medallion’s overall fitness class for golfers, beginners to experienced. The class is a blend of resistance training, HIT, golf specific drills, stretching and endurance with a goal of providing a person with a challenge in all aspects of fitness, while tying in the basic elements of the golf swing.
  • Golf Fit Friday: The best way to get ready for the first tee. Class starts with a basic golf warm-up then takes you through golf specific drills and stretching with goals of improving your swing from head to toe. This class is an excellent way for you to get more flexible, become more efficient and powerful with your swing, and most importantly develop an overall fitness program for yourself.
  • Hydro Fitness: An Athletic Approach to Aqua aerobics. Intense workout for any level of fitness with little stress on your joints. Will challenge your body & mind . Combining 30 minutes of cardio, following with interval training using water weights, noodles & Webbed Gloves. A Refreshing Fun 60 minute class. Enjoying the sunshine. Runs June through August.

Group Fitness Instructors

  • Lori Ebright: Pilates Fusion, Body Works & Core Pilates & Hydro Fit
  • Karma McConoha: Spinning
  • Adam Tobias: Golf Fit, Golf Core Yoga
  • Caroline O'Conner: BodyXtreme Bootcamp & Bootcamp Divas